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Every case begins with a meeting and personal discussion of the facts. From this information, we begin to list documents and people things to find in our investigative process.

Investigation, Discovery, and Negotiations

Investigation - team of specialized investigators, former FBI and treasury agents. They find witnesses and secure evidence and statements.


Discovery - Review everything available from the government about their case


Negotiations are more art than science.  A full discussion would require an entire website, treatise, book or perhaps volumes.  Suffice to say, all efforts to obtain satisfactory results are made before proceeding to trial.



Motion litigation may consist of motions to exclude evidence due to illegal search by the government, or motions to exclude statements extracted illegally by the police.  Additional motions may be filed in particular cases.


Trial includes preparation.  Anticipation of the government's case, punching sufficient holes, and shifting the playing surface through use of the information gained through the discovery and investigative stages.  Trial is not a competition, it is a presentation.

About Miami Drug Trafficking Defense


Attorney Charif has been handling cocaine trafficking cases for some time.  As a prosecutor in the Office of the State Attorney Mr. Charif handled trafficking cases at the highest level.  As a practitioner, Mr. Charif has handled many trafficking cases, and has a multitude of trials in his experience.


He is comfortable talking to the prosecutor, whether this is for federal drug trafficking defense or charges brought by the State of Florida. He is also comfortable beating them in trial.

Attorney Charif is a member in good standing of The Florida Bar and the Massachusetts Bar.


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